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Free Lyrics Resource

Get the Lyrics To ALL of Nick Alexander’s Parody Songs!

Nick’s Parodies Are Really Funny
Nick’s Parodies Are Educational
Nick’s Parodies Are Memorable
Nick’s Parodies Are Based on Great Songs
Nick’s Parodies Are Non-Offensive
Nick’s Parodies Are Great For Families, Teachers, and Clergy
This book will change your life.

This book will change your life.

For years, you have enjoyed Nick Alexander’s gift of parody. But now you can have access to all the lyrics of every single parody song that Nick has written… including the songs that didn’t make the albums.

Also included will be stories behind every single parody song he has created. It can be a big help for the parody writers.

Also included will be skits to these songs, Nick’s story, and the dance moves for RCIA. And more!

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