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Who Nick Is

Ever want to know how a worship leader and Christian apologist also became known as the top Catholic parody artist? This article, written exclusively for this website, tells his story. You’re gonna want to sit back with a cup of coffee, and read it in its entirety.

A glad heart is excellent medicine, a depressed spirit wastes the bones away. Proverbs 17:22 (NJB)

If you happen upon the intersection of hilarity and holiness you’ll probably find Nick Alexander standing on the street corner directing traffic. Some, he finds, could use a little help lightening up. Others might do well to take their faith a bit more seriously. Either way, he’s pointing people in the same direction: Straight up.


This is Nick Alexander. Now you know.

Who Nick Is

Both a celebrated comedian and a seasoned worship leader, Nick has a remarkable way of meeting people where they are, disarming them, and then offering a message of substance and grace. When asked how he manages to connect with so many different types of people simultaneously, the answer appears to baffle him as much as the next person. “I combine orthodoxy with humor, and then throw in popular songs,” he shrugs. “It’s a weird concoction.”

Call it what you will, but chances are you’ve never seen anything like it. Integrating parodies, stories, testimony, and worship, Alexander has assembled an effective way to get his message across – both in the studio and in a live setting.

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