New eBook for Catholic Youth Ministers Nick Alexander

New eBook for Catholic Youth Ministers

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At long last, my first foray into internet publishing has come to completion. And now that it is written, it is my hope that it will prove to be a great resource for all those who embark in the exciting lucrative field of Catholic Youth Ministry!

(Okay, maybe not “lucrative.”)

Nonetheless, those of you who pursue youth ministry, you do it for love.  You do it for passion to spread the Gospel.  You do it because you feel a calling to help bring new generations to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Fifteen Years Helping Youth Ministry

Over the last fifteen years where I have embarked in my journey as a Catholic comedian, I have met many youth ministers over time. I have seen all different types of youth groups. I have seen programs that work, and those which do not. And all these years, I have made mental notes as to why some youth programs have more fruit than others.

Furthermore, I have run across many youth ministers who have been burnt out by the job. Some statistics indicate that there is an 18-month turnover rate, although in some cases I know it’s even less. A job which is initially greeted with great enthusiasm, only to lead to burnout. And it’s the teenaged youth that suffers.

So when I reached out to youth ministers, over and again, asking them what their greatest issues were, they responded in kind. They told me that if I were to create such a resource, it ought to contain many of the issues that are most important to them.

  • How to Evangelize the Youth with the Catholic Gospel 
  • How to Deliver that Killer Talk 
  • How to Master Social Media 
  • What to Do When the Students Do Not Come 
  • How to Efficiently Contact Your Students 
  • How to Encourage them to Sing 
  • Multiple Approaches towards Memorizing Our Faith 
  • How to Reach Out to their Parents 
  • What Matters to Teenagers Today 
  • And Much, Much More… 

After collecting these results, I went to work. The last six months have been draining, but ultimately worth it. I have spent the majority of my time working to craft the best resource I could; I did not want to let anybody down.

Early Reviews

Already reviews for this resource are pouring in:

The title of Nick Alexander’s 24 Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Catholic Youth Group: Ideas to Transform Youth Ministry is a study in humble understatement. There are many hundreds of innovative, practical ideas within the those two dozen chapters explaining the fundamental ways Catholic Youth Groups (and other groups) can be transformed, bringing their members and all the people within those members’ circles into deeper, more meaningful contact with Christ and His message.

With all the humor one might expect from the “Catholic Weird Al,” and with wit and wisdom exceeding expectations, Nick guides readers through a host of meaningful methods (please pardon the pun given his opening chapter on the fundamental importance of Eucharistic Adoration), from the use of things as new and evolving as the latest in social media and electronic technology, to things as old and perennially beautiful as Gregorian chant.

Nick has crafted a highly readable, near-encyclopedic guide for the youth minister who would hope to help change lives in a way that will pave a more Christ-centered future for all of us. So then, I can recommend without hesitation that you pick up Nick Alexander’s 24 Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Catholic Youth Group: Ideas to Transform Youth Ministry and get busy upgrading and transforming your youth ministry.

Kevin Vost
Author: Memorize the Faith
and Memorize the Reasons


Nick Alexander’s book on youth ministry is a wealth of knowledge and guidance.  In it, you will discover countless ways to develop yourself as a leader and to create a more successful youth ministry program.  Mr. Alexander is drawing from years of experience and now imparts this wisdom to you and your parish.  This book addresses a wide-range of topics; such as, ice-breakers and games, common difficulties and challenges, life-changing retreats, and much more.  This book is an encyclopedia of knowledge, tips, and advice, that should be present in every youth ministry program.

Bryan Mercier
National Catholic Speaker
& Retreat Leader

Free Resource, For a Limited Time

And for a limited time, this resource is free. After December 31, 2014 (Extended! January 18, 2015), it will be put on sale on Amazon.

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It is my hope that this book will help inspire you and give you solid ideas as to how to pursue this noble calling.



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