Podcaster Nick Alexander


In July, 2012, Nick began a new venture: podcasting.

Nick created the “Prayer Meeting Podcast” with the desire to replicate a worship environment for those who wish to create a venue for worship like the old-school prayer meetings he had attended many years ago.  It is there that Nick plays a worship-music set, encompassing music styles of both new and old (and ancient).  During the worship set Nick will combine Scripture-based and traditional prayers, as well as spontaneous prayers.

In November 2013,  Nick created his own “The Nick Alexander Podcast” (run from this page).  It is here that Nick shares his thoughts on a certain subjects.  It is here that he may sometimes go into a countdown list of worship songs.  Or, sometimes his love of movies would spill over and he will do a talk on the Christian concepts behind them.

Both the Prayer Meeting Podcast  and The Nick Alexander Podcast are truly unique ventures and well-worth discovering for your own personal benefit.


Nick in his studio.


Nick Alexander
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