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One of the greatest opportunities people have is to learn how to share their faith with new technology.  One of the best, most convenient forms of this, with the furthest reach, is something called podcasting.

At the 2013 New Media Expo, Podcasting had been labeled the “next big thing.”  Entire corporations and media personalities have jumped in the fray, just to find their careers rejuvenated.  The best thing about this format is that it demonstrates who you are in a personal way that a blog cannot touch.

I learned to podcast in 2012 from the “Podcast Answer Man” himself, Cliff Ravenscraft, a dedicated Christian who has emerged as a leader in the field.  I figured with the technology out there, that it would take me half-a-year to master the process: I didn’t know I would have a live podcast up and running within three weeks of my joining the course.

If you want to learn podcasting, and you want to do so quickly, and you want to do so in an environment where you can have dedicated attention to your specific questions, and you want to do so in the convenience of your own home, you have got to take the podcasting a-to-z course that Cliff Ravenscaft has crafted.

This is the best course anywhere about podcasting

This is the best course anywhere about podcasting

The next course starts on Monday, July 22, but slots fill up fast.  He only takes about 20 to 30 people at a time, so he can give each one dedicated attention.

I’m not going to lie.  This course costs pretty steep.  But it’s not about what you pay for, but what you get in return.  And Cliff has totally added entire new sections since when I took the course, expanding it into areas with new video instruction that simplifies the entire concepts.

And if you sign up using the coupon code “ALEXANDER”, you will get $100 off the asking price.

I cannot see a better way for getting the message out, using the most convenient technology available.  It is the best investment you can make to establishing a platform where people will grow from your message.  Consider joining Podcasting A to Z today.

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