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    Nick Alexander is ready and willing to serve you and your needs, to help foster renewal to families and youth/young adults.

    Nick Alexander is a dynamic Catholic-Charismatic-Christian comedian/worship-leader/speaker. He has three comedy albums out, but is also available to share the Great News of the Living Reality of Christ in our Daily Lives, in a way that is engaging, funny, heartfelt and effective.

Nick Alexander
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    Nick Alexander has evolved his ministry over the course of twenty years, as he had grown spiritually and in skills.

    Today, Nick is most known for four things:

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backtothefuture2 Going Back to the Future in our Worship

This weekend is the 30th anniversary of the release of Back to the Future, a film that some theorize is the most perfect example of a summer blockbuster. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the film (all two of you), it is about Marty McFly, a teenager who, through a series of contrivances, goes back into time, and runs into his parents when they were teenagers, before... Read More

cornerstone The Worst Thing About Quality Christian Rock

It has been 18 years since I last attended a seminal event in my twenties; the Cornerstone Music Festival. Dubbed “The Christian Woodstock,” it was something to truly behold in wonderment. An annual event where Christian music fans camped out in the middle of a many-acred farm in Western Illinois, and listened to music. And by Christian Music, I don’t necessarily mean... Read More

Pope Francis Read Laudato Si Yourself

Yesterday, the English text for the latest papal encyclical, Laudato Si was released. The title is taken from a prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, which translates to “Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with coloured flowers and herbs.” Pope Francis This is the document that will... Read More

The Blessed Sacrament How I Discovered the Real Presence.

This past week was the feast of Corpus Christi. I look at this week, and I think to myself about the tremendous gift and power of the Eucharist. But it wasn’t always this way. Early Beginnings I was raised in the Episcopal Church, but it wasn’t until my high school years that I had a deeper conversion to Christ. As a matter of fact, there was a time where I had... Read More

pandw2 Three Must-Read Articles About Praise And Worship Music

There are three fascinating, contradictory articles about contemporary worship that came out this past week. What’s interesting about these articles is that they conflict and complement each other, in interesting ways. The authors of these articles have very different conclusions as to the state of Christian Music today, and the effectiveness of both. 10 Traits of Top CCLI... Read More

augustine Three Glorious Benefits of Reading Classic Devotionals

A few days ago I posed a question to an online community about the viability of finding ways to encourage people to read some of the greatest Christian classics that have ever been penned. My suggestion was quickly panned. People have no time, they said. People don’t want a college level course in the midst of their day-to-day. This is boring stuff. And on it goes. My contention... Read More

youngadultpraying How to Stay A Faithful Catholic in Your 20s

Recent trends dictate that there is currently a mass exodus from church attendance, especially when one hits their twenties. Even worse, most Catholic parishes are unable, unwilling or ill-prepared to reach out to this generation. More than once I have heard pastors state that they expect individuals to return to church, once they get married, have children, and discover the... Read More

nones Getting the “Nones” Off the Bus

            Much ink has been spilled as of late for the latest results of the [Pew Survey](http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/). You know, the one which indicates that there is a current downward trend towards people who identify themselves as “Christian,” and an upward trend towards the “Nones”. Here are my thoughts, and... Read More

communion The Challenge of Catholic Evangelization

Much ink has been spilled over the need for lay Catholics to bear witness to the faith, to their friends, their co-workers, and (gulp) their own families. St. Pope John Paul II declared it to be the time of the “New Evangelization.” Sherry Weddell wrote about such in Forming Intentional Disciples, and Greg Willits wrote about The New Evangelization And You. As I look over... Read More

hymnal Free Catholic Worship Music

A Tremendous Gift The folks at Corpus Christi Watershed, in preparing for a hymnal of their own, have provided a tremendous resource for Catholic worship leaders. Downloads of 49 old hymnals, in PDF format. Purchasing these on Amazon or ebay would cost in the hundreds of dollars. But they have provided these all for free. Thank you Corpus Christi! And I look forward to... Read More

My thoughts, exactly. Two Must Reads For The Catholic Evangelist

Hello all… I’m about to go to Tucson, to deliver comedy to a gala/dinner. My whole week has been quite swamped. But before I leave, I want to draw attention to two blog posts that I consider to be mandatory reading for those who wish to understand Catholic evangelism. Father Z’s Response to a Repentant Sinner The first post is a simple response from a noted... Read More

catholicfoundation Being the Court Jester For Giants

Right now I am in the midst of preparation for being the central entertainment for a formal event in Tuscon, AZ. The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Tucson is hosting their 29th Annual Cornerstone Gala, for which they will be honoring permanent deacons and also Angel Charity For Children, an ecumenical group that raises money for assisting organizations that help children. New... Read More

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