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    Nick Alexander is ready and willing to serve you and your needs, to help foster renewal to families and youth/young adults.

    Nick Alexander is a dynamic Catholic-Charismatic-Christian comedian/worship-leader/speaker. He has three comedy albums out, but is also available to share the Great News of the Living Reality of Christ in our Daily Lives, in a way that is engaging, funny, heartfelt and effective.

Nick Alexander
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    Nick Alexander has evolved his ministry over the course of twenty years, as he had grown spiritually and in skills.

    Today, Nick is most known for four things:

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medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf My Favorite Links (Week of Sept 13 2014)

Insightful blog post about the intersection of Christianity and Pop Culture How Stephen King Teaches Writing Almost the same thing. Woman Marries Cardboard Cutout Of Robert Pattinson This happens to be my sisters alma mater. Nicki Minaj Gets Rejected as Speaker at Her Old High School But… But… Harry Potter isn’t SUPPOSED to have any positives. (I mean, that’s... Read More

holyspiritsing Leading Small Group Worship… With No Instruments

Even if you do not have musical instruments, you can still lead the music for a small group.  But what it takes is a little knowledge about singing, about worship flow, and a whole lot of gumption. Years ago, I was a leader for my high school Bible Study.  It was a daily school activity that met early in the morning.  As how I planned the session, I had intended for there... Read More

Links!! (Week of Sept 6, 2014)

Gene Simmons: ‘Rock Is Finally Dead’ Hollywood’s Horrid Summer: Why the Box Office Has Been Worse Than It Looks (and Won’t Get Better Soon) Traditional Hymns For Youth Groups by Nick Alexander I sure hope they get this figured out. For once, a flight was diverted for a GOOD reason. #NotAboutSeatBackScuffles Some put money up as the most important thing to have.... Read More

NickWithKids Traditional Hymns For Youth Groups

September is here.  The school year has begun;  Not only that, but a new season of youth group has begun as well.  And many of these youth groups would have a time of worship, employing music. Why Current Praise and Worship Music Is Not Enough But there are problems with much of what counts as praise and worship for today, even though there are many positives (provided... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links!! (Week of Aug 29, 2014)

Here, I share insights into my parody writing process, with current pop songs. Do you have a favorite current song? The nation’s top news broadcasts have been entirely mum on the latest revelations related to the #IRS Scandal. Solid advice as to how to navigate through social media, when a beloved celebrity dies. Noting “the complete failure of the climate models... Read More

ariana Adventures in Parody Writing

Subscribe to Nick Alexander’s blog today! I’ve been quite busy these last few months, especially with writing a new eBook about worship, but I thought I’d take a little time and share what has been going on with me, creatively. In a couple of weeks I will be presenting for a group of teenagers in Illinois. As per my custom, I try to craft a couple of new parody... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Favorite Links of Week (8-23-2014)

I am extremely curious as to whether this changes anything or not. (Note: it doesn’t). REPORT: Key witness Dorian Johnson now admits that Michael Brown ATTACKED Officer Wilson “the proposed regulations would effectively reduce, rather than expand, the scope of religious freedom.” #HHS “Most of the world you cannot speak your mind. Nor is there due process.... Read More

RadioMic Radio Interview with Spirit Catholic Radio

I have been interviewed for a segment on a Catholic morning radio show, that is based in Nebraska.  The radio show is called Spirit Mornings, and is on Spirit Catholic Radio, which currently has six outlets throughout that state. However, you do not need to be a resident of Nebraska to hear my lively, spirited, and insightful interview.  You can listen live on Monday morning,... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links! (8-16-2014)

Here’s What the Daily News Robin Williams Cover Should Have Looked Like | Village Voice “If we are not doing this our religion is fake. Phony. Plastic. Empty. Unbelievable. Unreal. Worthless.” Catholics on both ends of the aisle are in 100% agreement, regarding the proposed Black Mass in Oklahoma City. Today is the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe–so widespread... Read More

hymnalForTheHours Review: Hymnal For The Hours

Subscribe to Nick Alexander’s blog today. When I was in college, before I had converted to Catholicism, I would occasionally make it to early morning prayer with the Brotherhood of Hope, who lived down the street from me.  And it was on these mornings that I had learned about Praying the Divine Office. For those who are unfamiliar, the Divine Office is a series of daily... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links! (8-9-14)

I don’t like drawing any more attention to stuff like this than I have to. With that said, prayers, please. I can’t help but marvel how Gary Sinise has carried the lessons learned from “Lt. Dan” with him for 20 years now. And so it begins. Again.#Iraq #ISIS Somehow, most people have been fooled into thinking contraception = healthcare. Do they not... Read More

boyhood Review: Boyhood

Subscribe to Nick Alexander’s blog today. The movie reviewing world is all a-flutter about “Boyhood,” an experiment in film-making that, as claimed, has never been done before. It is currently at 100% on metacritic (which actually isn’t accurate, it should be about 97%), and a number of prognosticators are speculating that this film might very well... Read More

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