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    Nick Alexander is ready and willing to serve you and your needs, to help foster renewal to families and youth/young adults.

    Nick Alexander is a dynamic Catholic-Charismatic-Christian comedian/worship-leader/speaker. He has three comedy albums out, but is also available to share the Great News of the Living Reality of Christ in our Daily Lives, in a way that is engaging, funny, heartfelt and effective.

Nick Alexander
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    Nick Alexander has evolved his ministry over the course of twenty years, as he had grown spiritually and in skills.

    Today, Nick is most known for four things:

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newyear2016 Thoughts about 2015 and Moving Forward…

Is it too late to talk about the impact of 2015? The events of the past year, for me anyway, have been… well…  I am undergoing a “period of adjustment.”  Some good changes, some unfortunate ones.  I’m not complaining; if anything, I’m grateful for the clarity.  I’m even more resolute than ever to provide quality content–both... Read More

ctking Make Christ King in Your Life

The world is ignoring Christ’s Kingship. Every year we see hints of Christ being downplayed in the world, whether it be in symbolic gestures of removing religious symbols in secular establishments, or raising up of all other religious belief systems on par with Christ, as if Christ were but one of many choices in the cafeteria expression of belief. Even amongst our own lives,... Read More

R.I.P. (Another) Nick Alexander

I’m sure it is a shock for many people to read about the passing of the Merchandise Manager for Eagles of Death Metal and begin tributes for his passing… to wind up here. Theirs was the concert that was interrupted by ISIS terrorists in Paris this past Friday, taking hostages and killing over 80 people. It is as enormous and shocking a story that ever will be. My... Read More

Performing a "newer" parody.  More recent songs are being made. Update On My Latest Parody Songs

Performing a “newer” parody. More recent songs are being made. Hello… I’m acutely aware that the largest percentage of those who frequent my blog are interested in my parody songs. And I’m thrilled for that. My interests have vacillated all over the map—encompassing many different areas; and when the music industry made it so that releasing albums no longer... Read More

combo What I Learned from Horror Movies This Year

It’s no secret that I love horror movies. But as a Christian, I also think that a heavy, undisciplined rotation of such can be detrimental to one’s soul. One can simply read the comments on a regular user board to find those who wish “they can unsee” certain movies, that such nastiness would hang with them for a long time. Therefore, I am extremely discerning... Read More

nick_eternallife Story Behind the Song: Get Canonized A Saint

In the year 2000, I was on a roll. My first album A Time to Laugh was released, and I wanted to keep up the momentum of writing new parody songs. I decided to focus my attention on individual holiness, and so the concept of “Eternal Life: The Party Album” was born. One of the ideas I had behind the album was to look upon heaven as a glorious feast, a party. Part... Read More

Me at a healing mass. A Bittersweet Thing Happened To Me Earlier This Week

This past Tuesday I played for a charismatic healing mass sponsored by the Diocese of Hartford’s Office for Charismatic Renewal. But only recently did I discover that it was to be the last of such services. The Office for Charismatic Renewal is closing. After years of steady stagnation of garnering new members, and a lack of interest in starting up parish prayer groups and... Read More

PWvGregChant How Praise and Worship Led Me to Gregorian Chant

When I was growing up in New York City (as an Episcopalian), I was part of a dual parish set up. Two churches worked together as a team, sharing much of the same resources in the same neighborhood. One of them, was a traditional service complete with choir, classical music, topped off with a highly respected, nationally-known liturgical composer. The other one, though, was... Read More

stmariagoretti3 Meeting St. Maria Goretti

It was only by chance that I came across a blog post advertising the tour of the relics of Saint Maria Goretti. For those who don’t know, Maria Goretti was an 11-year-old girl who had been targetted by a neighbor boy who had ambitions to rape her. She fought him off, so he stabbed her fourteen times. She was found alive, and witnesses saw her forgive her attacker. Then... Read More

IMG_20150925_1718357_rewind Pope Francis in Central Park

A couple of weeks ago, my father emailed me letting me know that he had access to four tickets to see the Pope in Central Park, that he would not be able to use them (he was going to be away)… would I like them? I told him give me a day, I’ll think about it. A half-a-second later, I jumped at the opportunity, and immediately tried to make up for those times where... Read More

nyc Friday Night Meetup in New York City

Hello all… As you are well aware, the Pope is visiting America.  And His Holiness will be arriving in New York City on Thursday for a few days. Due to unpredictable circumstances, I happened upon a few tickets to see His Holiness in the Central Park motorcade, which will happen around 5pm.  I will be near 72nd Street, West side. After which, a guy must eat. For those... Read More

sad What To Do If You Stop Feeling God’s Presence

For a couple of times this past week, someone had posted on the Christianity board on Reddit about their personal relationship with God, how they had once enjoyed feeling His Presence, and that currently that had gone away. They were tempted to see this as a losing of “faith” (even though one’s lack of feeling God’s presence today does not nullify their... Read More

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