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    Nick Alexander is ready and willing to serve you and your needs, to help foster renewal to families and youth/young adults.

    Nick Alexander is a dynamic Catholic-Charismatic-Christian comedian/worship-leader/speaker. He has three comedy albums out, but is also available to share the Great News of the Living Reality of Christ in our Daily Lives, in a way that is engaging, funny, heartfelt and effective.

Nick Alexander
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    Nick Alexander has evolved his ministry over the course of twenty years, as he had grown spiritually and in skills.

    Today, Nick is most known for four things:

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Parody Artist

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Worship Leader

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medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links I Like (Week of Oct 25, 2014)

“The Princess Bride,” the Movie that Won the Internet Why Has My Congregation Stopped Singing? Here are five more reasons. Catholic High School Refuses Shoot of ‘Lesbian Drama’ Starring Ellen Page | #SchoolHasMySupport Do we need any more evidence that the MSM exhibits a bias, and that this bias ruins lives? #LieOfOmission #Ferguson Vatican Library finally upgrades... Read More

24Book [Announcement]: Need Help for Book on Youth Ministry

Over the years, I have seen the news when it comes to participation in youth groups. In many places, it is plummetting. And many who do spend a good amount of time in these groups are, sadly underprepared of knowing our faith, knowing why we believe, and knowing how to make the Catholic faith come alive for them. It’s very disconcerting. I know my experience in participating... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links I Like (Week of Oct 18, 2014)

The “Warm Welcome” I’ve Received From Catholics Message of the Synod Assembly on the pastoral challenges to the family in the context of evangelisation Rediscover that One Gift God wants to give you. | If “white privilege” really exists, would one really want John Stewart to be the guy that exposes it? #PotMeetKettle Don’t fear what’s going on... Read More

wisdom Wisdom – The Gift God Wants To Give You

This past Wednesday I had been invited to be the main speaker for a senior class day retreat. The theme for the retreat was “Praying Our Decision,” and in talking with the organizers, it was determined that, being seniors, they were on the cusp of making life-long decisions that would determine their life journeys. One thing I know about this generation: they have... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links I Like (Week of Oct 11, 2014)

Too Many Songs! How to Master the Hymnal | Nick Alexander Dear Bank of America, this is why people hate you. You’re welcome. No thumbprint, no money, bank tells armless man. I give huge props to Lecrae, even though I’m not at all into the hip-hop scene. This is an important article. Congratulations to Malala Yousafzai. Condolences to @Pontifex #NobelPeacePrize Pop... Read More

hymnal Too Many Songs! How to Master the Hymnal

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a member of the choir at my church about the state of our music choices during liturgies.  I am only a guy in the pew with my young family, but I thought there were certain times when the music choices reflected poorly in some liturgical seasons. Songs during the season of Lent, for example, should reflect a tone of repentance and personal... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf Links I Like (Week Ending Oct 4, 2014)

Father Benedict Groeschel (1933-2014) – one of the giants of the faith, may he RIP. My Recollections of the Giant, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, who died last night (in time for the Feast of St. Francis). In related news, looks like Iron Man 4 ain’t gonna happen. Eegads. Mark Harris picked the most shallow movie of the year as a lock to win Best Picture. #Boyhood Forget... Read More

groeschel Memories of A Giant: Fr. Benedict Groeschel

I am really shaken right now. One of the modern day unsung saints of our times has just passed away.  Fr. Benedict Groeschel, founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, author of dozens of books, television and radio host, commentator, and public speaker has passed away last night from an undisclosed illness.  He was 81. I first became aware of him in my college years,... Read More

wizardofOz Gospel Lessons from The Wizard of Oz

I have to share with you all a personal anecdote that has affected me of late. Reading the Book Over the last few weeks, I have been reading to my daughter “The Wizard of Oz”, the book by Frank L. Baum. This has been made possible because of three factors: first, she is familiar enough with the 1939 movie of the same name. Luckily, she has yet to see any of the... Read More

medium_chain_links_by_akenator-d4l3hmf My Favorite Links (Week of Sept 27 2014)

045: The Lord Is My Shepherd | Prayer Meeting Podcast Trust that the God who made our imaginations delights in our use of them, + not fear them. #ChristianArt #HarryPotter “The authors [of this secular academic study] found that cohabitation was linked to lower marital quality.” A plea to make the annulment process better, plus practicals. #HeresHopingTheyreListening 19... Read More

ragamuffin Review: Ragamuffin (2014)

In the summer between my high school graduation and my entry into college, I have vivid memories of working in a dull office building in New York City, where I lived. From my commute, I was able to finally hear the strains of Christian contemporary radio, which had a spotty reception in certain parts of the city. Imagine my joy, then, when I had heard “Awesome God”... Read More

New Worship Podcast: The Lord Is My Shepherd

Hello! I have just released a new Prayer Meeting Podcast this morning, my first since Pentecost.  It is themed around “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, and it contains all the great hymns, praise choruses, and Chant that surrounds the theme of God being our Shepherd. Check it out. Nick Share and Enjoy  Read More →

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