Booking Nick Alexander


Are you considering booking Nick for an event?  Here is what Nick has to offer:

  • He has been delivering  keynote addresses for well over a decade.
  • He has been honing his comedy, the type that is clean, family-friendly, and hysterical.
  • He knows his stuff! He has had experience leading Scripture studies, being a catechist, and being trained to answer tough questions about the faith.
  • He has worked with Christians of all denominations, working hard to demonstrate Christian unity.

When you book Nick for an event, he does the following:

  • He will ask you what the theme of the event is, what the bottom-line takeaway you’d like the audience to remember.
  • He will ask you what the audience is like; as each crowd is different, are there any unique characteristics of this group that I need to be aware of?
  • He will ask what the environment would be like: would it be in a church, an auditorium, or outside?  Will it be possible to play his guitar.  Will he be able to incorporate his projection system, etc.
  • Lastly, he will ask you what a proverbial “home run” looks like for you.  He wants to ensure that his presentation would match your needs that would speak directly to the audience coming to see him.

After this, he will get to work.  And you will not be disappointed.

To get dates and rates, contact CMG Booking. Please go directly to their website to request further information. Thanks!

Nick Alexander
  • Nick Alexander wants your next event to be awesome!