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How to Stay A Faithful Catholic in Your 20s

Recent trends dictate that there is currently a mass exodus from church attendance, especially when one hits their twenties. Even worse, most Catholic parishes are unable, unwilling or ill-prepared to reach out to this generation. More than once I have... Read More

Bringing Back Fallen-Away Catholics To The Church

It is well known that the church is losing its youth and young adults in massive numbers. Many of these students leave church shortly after they “graduate” CCD (receive the Sacrament of Confirmation), and mistakenly perceive such as a finish line... Read More

“Like” the brand new Nick Alexander Facebook Page

Hi all! I am extremely late to the festivities… but I have finally crafted a Facebook Fan Page. This page was created to help be a voice for the book “24 Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Catholic Youth Group.” I will be posting articles... Read More

An Update About My Book

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last shared my status for the book 24 Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Catholic Youth Group. When I had completed my first run of the book, I decided to offer it for free, for a limited time. I had also traveled to NCCYM... Read More

Building A Thriving Young Adult Ministry

A few days ago, I encountered a brilliant writeup of a successful Young Adult Group at St. Veronica’s Catholic Church, just outside of Washington D.C. Read about that here. The Elements of A Successful Apostolate The article takes the pains to list... Read More

How to Guide a Teen Leadership Retreat

This question was asked on Reddit: We created a TeenCore and want to have a leadership retreat for them to get the ball rolling. I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount of time trolling Google’s results, and going through my personal trove... Read More

My Crazy NCCYM Adventure

Going to San Antonio For seventy-two hours, I had left my family and traveled to San Antonio, TX to participate as an exhibitor for the National Conference for Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM).  It is a national conference for which youth ministers, parents... Read More

012: New eBook for Catholic Youth Ministers Play in new window | DownloadA new book to help Catholic youth ministers reach the next generation. Nick Alexander: Author What a long journey this has been. Ever since I had made intentions... Read More

More than Halfway There: Book for Youth Ministry

Hi all… If you are wondering why I’ve been relatively quiet–no new podcasts, no new blogs, it’s simply because I’ve been busy getting my book written. It will be a book that will be given away to youth ministers, at the upcoming... Read More

[Announcement]: Need Help for Book on Youth Ministry

Over the years, I have seen the news when it comes to participation in youth groups. In many places, it is plummetting. And many who do spend a good amount of time in these groups are, sadly underprepared of knowing our faith, knowing why we believe,... Read More

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