Free Report: The Top 20 Ways Catholics Evangelize Today [PDF] Nick Alexander

Free Report: The Top 20 Ways Catholics Evangelize Today [PDF]

Get a Free Report on the Top 20 Ways Catholics Evangelize Today [PDF]

Scripture encourages the faithful to share the Gospel.
“The Church exists to evangelize” – Pope Paul VI
Most Catholics, however, are afraid to share the faith.
Some fear that they will look judgmental, uncaring, and fanatical.
Others do not have a firm grasp as to why Catholics believe as they do.
This report can assist Catholics in new approaches for sharing the faith.


For years, you have enjoyed Nick Alexander’s gift of parody. You’ve been blessed by the worship music he had led through the Prayer Meeting Podcast.¬† You’ve been given lots of ideas to help rejuvenate your youth and young adult ministry.

This quick document is now a stepping stone to learn how to share the faith.  Step one is to take advantage of the many ways to share how God has touched your life.

Also included are pros and cons of each approach, and Nick’s favorite (and least favorite) approaches.

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