006: My Audacious Goals for 2014 Nick Alexander

006: My Audacious Goals for 2014

I started with a review of all my accomplishments in 2013.

I had a three day punch of the Platform Conference, a survey, and Michael Hyatt’s Five Days to Your Best Year Ever Course. It has given me considerable clarity for 2013.

After considerable review of the above-mentioned items, these are my goals for 2014. And yes, you are included in this as well.

1) Going to Continue doing the music of the Prayer Meeting Podcast. I am going to focus on a specific theme. For example, next week I will going to do a worship podcast on renewing of one’s commitment to Christ (befitting the new year).

Needless to say, if you are a songwriter and want to get your songs out there, and you want to give me permission to both record and to link to your transcription, send me a note. If I like the songs and if they fit, I will have them in my next podcast.

2) I am going to create a digital songbook called “THE WORSHIP SONGS YOU HAVE GOT TO KNOW (in the year 2014).” It will contain a combination of both the big, latest worship songs from the major houses and older worship hymns and choruses that can play well with them, as well as my notes as to how to best play them using a combination of partial capos (guitarist geek tool). This will be a considerable improvement over the songs you get from SongSelect or any online source.

The goal is to find a way to combine the best attributes of both the new worship songs (which are passionate and fun, but may be doctrinally lacking), and the time-honored hymns (which are singable, poetic, and doctrinally rich, but may be dated and hard to relate to).

There will be a youth minister’s conference in San Antonio, TX and I plan to be there to share this resource with those in attendance. But this will be available on my website as well.

3) I will be changing the structure of the Nick Alexander Podcast. I almost wish I can erase the first five episodes of this podcast and have newbies start with this episode instead.

My central goal of this podcast is now to answer one of the major touchstone thoughts and beliefs of today’s culture, that may be (to put it nicely) flawed. A lot of people are leaving the church in droves partially because they have begun to accept certain tenets that have come out of popular culture, classy Internet memes, popular YouTube videos, and unchallenged statements from the cultural gatekeepers of today. I wish to take some of these thoughts head-on.

That said, if you have a hot potato that you would need help with, I have a new, short survey up. Feel free to use this at any time, so I can be of assistance to you.

That will be the central focus of this podcast.

But I will also include:

  • A worship song / classic hymn medley of the week.
  • A classic movie of the week, that contains themes that you can watch in a group setting. This is a great activity to plan for families or youth ministers, and it serves to both create camaraderie and also expand one’s horizons.
  • A practical help/hack/recommendation that will help you with your walk.

4) I am still writing parody songs. I may or may not have an album in the future. But some of you have access to my songs, but you do not have the lyrics to these songs. Well that will change.

I have been these last few weeks been collating all the parody lyrics I have written, both recorded and not recorded. This eBook will be made available on my website. It will also create little helps for you to know how to apply these songs to help with any lesson that teachers and youth ministers wish to implement in their circles.

Keep watch. Coming soon is this book of lyrics, and it will be a great help to you.

What do you think? Am I on the right path? Share your comments below, or fill out the survey.

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