[Read Now] How To Get More People To Church Nick Alexander

[Read Now] How To Get More People To Church

How To Get More People To Church

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Articles like this are oftentimes individuals grasping at straws. Sadly, this article is no exception. I mean, it’s not that there isn’t any wisdom found here, there most certainly is.

The problem here, as I see it, is that the advice is often a repudiation of trends that are, oftentimes, OUTSIDE OF THE AVERAGE PERSON’S CONTROL.

Case in point: “Stop trying to conform to the world, to be ‘seeker-friendly.’ Be different. Stand for something outside of your place and time.” And if the current pastor-and/or-organist at your place of worship doesn’t abide by these rules? Then YOU’RE STUCK. (Too bad; oh well; [whistles]).

What articles like this need are tangible, applicable approaches to everyday evangelism that rank-and-file believers can use beyond “keep doing what you do.” They need an approach to, dare-I-say-it… market their faith to the general public, but do so without compromise, without losing the sense of what makes faith resonant and holy for the everyday believer.

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