[Reddit]: “Feeling absolutely miserable and confused” Nick Alexander

[Reddit]: “Feeling absolutely miserable and confused”

A high schooler reached out to Reddit’s Catholicism community for help. He had felt alone in his struggles to stay faithful, and was addicted to pornography. He had been chastised for the faith, and now he didn’t even know what it meant to love the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind. The following was my response.

Lot to cover here. Thank you for writing. We are all vulnerable sinners and we are in need of each other.

Stupid question: as a youth whose family is not religious, are you still able to make weekly mass? Are you in an area with multiple Catholic Churches? If so, have you asked around which ones have an active youth group involved (LifeTeen or some other variant)? Let me know.

Also, the number one way to stop the addiction to salacious imagery is to have a content watcher installed on your devices, like XWatch, and have someone else (your mom) be the recipient of a report whenever you are caught. Also, confession. (I also recommend the rosary, in addition to these resources, not standing alone).

To Love the Lord with your whole HEART: Aspire to make God #1, more important than anything else in your life. More important than your dreams. Than your future. Than your addictions. Than your likes. Than your grades. Than your desire to get into a romantic relationship. Than your college. Than the desire to be popular. Than your family. Than your fears. [NOT THAT GOD doesn’t care about these things in you; He just wants to be first].

Love God with all your SOUL: partake of the Sacraments. Worthily. (Hence, confession when you stray, even if weekly–don’t worry; the temptation will begin to reside the more you receive the Sacramental graces).

Love God with all your MIND: know your faith. Know why you believe. Know your Scriptures. Know how to answer others’ objections. Know your history. Turn off programs that lead you to temptation; turn off programs that dull your mind (not that you shouldn’t let loose every now and then). Know where to turn when issues arise.

BTW, even though it is tough now, this is actually tough love you are currently receiving. The touch of God’s grace comes when we least expect it.

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