Why I Could Not Get a YOUCAT Bible for my Kids Nick Alexander

Why I Could Not Get a YOUCAT Bible for my Kids

I was looking for a Bible to give my ten-year olds. I saw that YouCat had came out with a version, and I was very interested in supporting YouCat.

One positive review of this resource is Kathy Schiffer’s at the National Catholic Register.

However, the fact that it wasn’t a complete text made it a non-starter.

I do understand that certain passages (like the passage quoted in the article) are confusing and hard to know where to turn.

That is why, instead, you purchase a complete New Testament, to first get them acclamated with how to read Scripture. Then, when they get older, they get to graduate to the complete text–Old Testament, Deuterocanonicals, and New.

I cannot possibly train my kids to know how to read the Scriptures on a weekly basis, in preparation for that coming week’s liturgy, and risk not having those very verses actually being in the book.

YouCat may be a very serviceable help for young Catholics. But it won’t suit the needs in my household.

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