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I’m Trying Snapchat

Follow me on snapchat! After catching up on the enthusiastic raves from the likes of Cliff Ravenscraft and Ray Edwards, I have decided to give snapchat a try. To put yet another social media platform is daunting, but there are some aspects to this which... Read More

R.I.P. (Another) Nick Alexander

I’m sure it is a shock for many people to read about the passing of the Merchandise Manager for Eagles of Death Metal and begin tributes for his passing… to wind up here. Theirs was the concert that was interrupted by ISIS terrorists in Paris... Read More

Update on My Lofty Ministry Plans

It has been too long since I have given an update of any kind to my ministry. I have been scurrying about, learning new skills, slowly but surely setting into place a new paradigm for how I will best serve you, helping craft the right products for those... Read More

How to Read C.S. Lewis Audiobooks For Free

We can agree that reading is a seminal part of our internal growth. We are called to continually learn about our faith, to continually grow. One of the Great Commandments is for us to “Love the Lord with our Whole Mind”, and we do so through many... Read More

Being the Court Jester For Giants

Right now I am in the midst of preparation for being the central entertainment for a formal event in Tuscon, AZ. The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Tucson is hosting their 29th Annual Cornerstone Gala, for which they will be honoring permanent... Read More

Jesus Is Risen! Hallelujah!

Easter is upon us.  I pray that you and your family have had a wonderful festive religious holiday. I decided to include three videos in this post, that share some of my favorite Easter songs. May it give you lots of joy. Christ The Lord Is Risen... Read More

Enter to Win My Music and Audiobook

Hello all… I am writing this on my birthday. New Survey New Foundation For My Ministry For the last few months, I have slowly been laying the foundation for a new aspect of my ministry. I am hoping to become far more proactive in my video output,... Read More

My Health Goals For 2015

I suspect that most youth workers have even crazier schedules than I do. Most have day jobs, late nights, lots of pizza. Add family, and time gets even more scarce. And as you pursue the many urgent tasks before you, oftentimes health gets placed... Read More

The Best (and Worst) Stuff of 2014

In the past, I would craft a best list of my favorite movies of the year. But since my movie-going habits have not kept up to pace with others, I have opted for a different approach this year. Instead of sharing my top 10 movies of the year (of which... Read More

2014 – Year In Review

2014 was a very important year for me, thanks to you. In it I made some very important strides. While there were some personal trade-offs, I can sense that I have laid a foundation from which my ministry can blossom, and many of you would be helped by... Read More

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