I’m Trying Snapchat Nick Alexander

I’m Trying Snapchat

Follow me on snapchat!

Follow me on snapchat!

After catching up on the enthusiastic raves from the likes of Cliff Ravenscraft and Ray Edwards, I have decided to give snapchat a try.

To put yet another social media platform is daunting, but there are some aspects to this which I find quite intriguing. Mainly, a way to create content that is fun to watch, but also can be uploaded to my YouTube channel’s vlog. And do so on a daily basis.

This is a lot less of a hassle than me crafting out a full length blog post, which allows me the freedom to pursue main things.

So, if you have snapchat, I invite you to friend me. Even if you don’t, feel free to watch my snaps on YouTube. Enjoy!

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