My Latest Parody Video Is Nearly Here… Nick Alexander

My Latest Parody Video Is Nearly Here…

NewVideoIsComingI have a new parody video being released!

It will be my first parody video in six years.

When I created the first video, I had a team of professionals come and help me craft it.  But it also cost me more money than I had, and I was determined that if I was to do this, I should learn to create it myself.

For the next few years, between my day-job, my family life, and my keynoting gigs, I took methodical steps to ensure that I could start creating real content promoting my parody songs.

The wait is now over.  Or, it will be over come March 22, when I will officially release my new video for one of my original parody songs.

The time will come where I will start crafting these now on a regular basis.

I am thrilled to share this exciting news!

Listen to the podcast to hear my excitement!

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2 Responses to “My Latest Parody Video Is Nearly Here…”
  1. Skip West says:

    Your passion and determination is inspiring! Looking forward to see the results.

  • Nick Alexander wants your next event to be awesome!